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Deb Santan-Townsend E RYT 200, Barre

Deb Santan-Townsend E RYT 200, Barre

Deb Santan-Townsend E RYT 200, Barre

 Deb returned to her yoga practice Spring of 2012 to get in shape for her annual girls trip to Las Vegas. What started as a way to posse a few pounds, ended up changing the trajectory of her life. The first day she walked into class, she found a deeper connection to her mind and body. Her committed practice improved not only her physical wellbeing, but her emotional and professional balance as well. Yoga ignited a passion that she's compelled to share with others.

 She earned her RYT 200 at Awaken Integrative Wellness under Kyle Williams RYT 500 and Val Boyko E-RYT-500 their combined teaching experience, diverse backgrounds and vast knowledge were a perfect fit. Debra's teaching style is about balance; connection the Prana (breath) with movement, balancing the Asanas (physical) with the mind, and the challenge with the Sukam (ease).

 She also attended Barre classes and fell in love with the no impact, all body workout. Within a short period of time the results of her hard work were visible and the upbeat music kept her moving. Debra earned her Barre Teaching Certification and LOVES teaching Barre class and training the next generation of Barre Instructors.

 When not teaching Debra enjoys snowboarding in the mountains and boating on the Chesapeake Bay with her husband David, two daughters and Mastiff Zoey. An avid traveler, she can also be found sipping a cocktail somewhere in the world on her annual girls trip


Val Boyko E RYT 500

Deb Santan-Townsend E RYT 200, Barre

Deb Santan-Townsend E RYT 200, Barre

Val is an advanced level Kripalu Yoga teacher, who instructs Mindful Hatha, Gentle Flow and Restorative Yoga classes. Whether you want to discover the benefits of yoga in midlife or beyond, are seeking a relaxing mindful practice to reduce stress and connect with your inner self, or are coming back to yoga after an illness or injury, Val offers classes and individual instruction tailored to your needs.

 Val started yoga in her 40’s for her physical well being, without realizing how much the practice of yoga would transform not only her body, but her mind and spirit as well! Val discovered that through yoga, she has become stronger, healthier, more confident, calmer and more loving in all areas of her life. Yoga has been there for her in the ups and downs of life and continues to be an inspiration and a practice that brings connection, acceptance and joy. This is what she wants for each person who comes to her class.

  In teacher training Val saw clearly that her calling in life or dharma is to learn, grow and share with others. She is also a certified career and life coach and brings a coach approach to her yoga clients - helping them tap into their inner being and connect with their true selves on and off the mat.

 Val has an easy teaching style that brings wisdom and a sense of lightness to her classes. When you meet Val you will also notice that her Scottish accent adds a special soothing quality to her teaching. 

In her leisure time Val enjoys gardening, cooking, traveling and looking after three Welsh Terriers with her hubby Don.



Shannon Taglianetti EdS, MBA, Reiki II, RYT 200

Shannon Taglianetti EdS, MBA, Reiki II, RYT 200

Shannon Taglianetti EdS, MBA, Reiki II, RYT 200

Shannon’s passion for facilitating healing guides her classes, which integrate Hatha Yoga, Qi Gong, Tao Yin, Meditation and Energy Medicine Yoga.

Her path to healing was ignited in 2014 when she lost her first child. The loss became her greatest teacher, calling her into deep study of Yogic Philosophy and various Eastern Healing Modalities. What arose from the darkness of grief and loss was the light of self-healing, a healing accessible to all who search within.

Through her offerings she seeks to “make this mountain taller” so that all who follow, including her young daughter, may see farther than those who have gone before. She welcomes all bodies, all stages of life and abilities, all seekers of whatever they may seek, to join her on the mat and in building that mountain.

“i stand on the sacrifices of a million women before me thinking

what can i do to make this mountain taller so the women after me can see farther”

-Rupi Kaur


Jamie Neborak, RYT 200

Shannon Taglianetti EdS, MBA, Reiki II, RYT 200

Shannon Taglianetti EdS, MBA, Reiki II, RYT 200

For Jamie, yoga started as a fitness journey but each time she showed up on her mat, something beautiful started to happen – she began connecting with her practice on a deeper level. Pairing breath with movement taught Jamie how to use her breath to stay present in everyday life. Jamie started feeling not only physically stronger, but spiritually balanced. These new found feelings of self-acceptance, gratitude, and joy felt so important, that she decided to start yoga teacher training to deepen her practice. At this point her goal was not to teach, but to be the student. After studying at Philly Power Yoga and learning the fundamentals behind the practice, Jamie knew that yoga was too powerful not to share with others. Jamie decided that she wanted to give the gift of yoga to those around her, in hopes that it would create the same profound impact and positive change in people’s lives, as it did for her.

Yoga teaches us to deal with each day as it arises and then put it down” - B.K.S Iyengar