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Yoga Classes


Mindful Hatha

A classical yoga class for all ages and all fitness levels. Come prepared to breathe, move, and practice being present. This class includes some sun salutation sequences, standing, seated, and balancing postures, pranayama (breath work) and meditation. 

​ A full yoga experience offering variations and modifications to fit every body. 

Participants should be able to bare weight on their arms but do not need to be able to move quickly. Those who struggle to get up and down off the floor should take Gentle Yoga for Wellbeing


Stretch and Balance

As we age body awareness and balance become important. The muscles we need to move through life safely need to be limber and strong. 

This class will open the body with classical yoga poses utilizing the ballet bar for balance and alignment. Specific Barre elements to strengthen ankles, hip flexors and core as well as improve posture. Working with drishti and muscle engagement to build better balance and stability.

No yoga or Barre experience necessary. This class is open to all levels. 


Gentle Flow

A classic yoga flow class which brings together postures and fluid movement in an arc style format. Opening and warming through sun salutations,standing sequences and balancing postures, to a "peak" pose before cooling  and ending in savasana. Modifications are offered along the way as you work towards greater flexibility, balance and strength. 

Clients who have difficulty baring weight on their arms or who struggle to get up and down off the floor should take Gentle Yoga for Wellbeing


Power Vinyasa Flow & Hot Yoga

A powerful energetic form of yoga where you fluidly move from one posture to the next while connecting breath to your movements. You build internal heat, increase stamina, strength and flexibility as well as stress reduction. All set to inspiring modern playlists to power you through the class. Be ready to sweat, move and breathe! 

Power classes 70 degrees

Hot Classes 92+ degrees



Classic Barre

Be ready for a low impact workout that will push your muscles to their limit. Barre classes include components of pilates, yoga and dance set to upbeat music. Using only light hand weights, balls and pilates rings sweat and shake your way to long lean muscles. High repetitions go deep into the muscle groups. No jumping, no burpees all low impact suitable for all fitness levels.  


Cardio Barre

Same great workout as our classic barre with added cardio speed intervals. Take your barre to the next heart pumping level and reap the benefits of cardio training. Using light weights, pilates rings, bands and balls to create long lean muscles.

Some jumping optional, healthy back and joints recommended


HIIT Barre

 Love barre but short on time? Join this quick paced express class. Get in, get sweaty, go on your way! This class combines classic barre moves and the cardio interval training format in a low impact, high energy workout.

HIIT is a proven cardio burner! 

 Go as quick as you can (in good form) for 20 seconds, rest for 10 for eight repetitions. No jumping, low impact, high benefit. 

Participants should be able to support weight on arms and knees as well as healthy enough for increased heart rate of a cardio class (120 bpm)


Nonrefundable after first use